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kankakee county medical society


Membership in the Kankakee County Medical Society and Organized Medicine provide many tools and services to enhance your career, your practice and your professional endeavors. 

But membership provides much more behind the scenes that has an impact on you.  For instance:

  • We continuously fight the hundreds of bills introduced in Springfield that can be harmful to your practice, your reimbursements and your ability to provide patient care;
  • We develop policies and introduce legislation to improve reimbursement rates and the quality of patient care
  • We work closely with local hospitals and their surrounding communities to strengthen our visibility and legislative position at the community level.

At a time when reimbursements are down, and continue to trend downwards, your membership and your voice are critical. 

In essence, it may cost you more if you are not a member.

Getting stronger with your membership!


The Kankakee County Medical Society is a professional association of physicians that live or practice within Kankakee County, Illinois.

(1)773 284 6131
5551 S Massasoit Ave, Chicago, IL  60638


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