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kankakee county medical society

Why join the KCMS?

Membership in KCMS means that you have an advocate at your side, who is working hard to prevent adverse influences to your profession:

Gain a voice in government

Board members meet with local elected representatives to explain how current or proposed legislation affects the local practice of medicine.

Public education on healthcare issues

The Medical Society publishes position papers in the local newspaper to help explain to patients the issues facing medical providers and their impact on patients. 

Community outreach and support

Provides medical services through community free health clinics and supporting local charities and fund raising events.

KCMS events and programs

General membership meetings provides education, networking opportunities and access to leaders to voice concerns.

Input in policy making decisions

Represents the local physician at the state and national level through participation in the ISMS Annual meeting and at the AMA House of Delegates.

Member and family social events

Host social events for members and their families: Summer Family Fun Day and Annual Holiday Party.

If you still don’t think you have time to join and participate in your local County Medical Society, consider the following:

  • Special interest groups are steadily chipping away at the healthcare system and your profession through the creation of bad legislation.
  • Specialty societies are important to individual specialty areas but do not provide overall advocacy as it pertains to all areas of medicine involving public health and licensure. 
  • Our Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss issues affecting local physicians and to set the agenda for the medical society.
  • Your membership support demonstrates your desire to see that the voice of physicians remains strong now and for the future.
  • The voice of the group is stronger than the individual.

Thank you for supporting the KCMS. Each of us individually as members make up an important "piece" of organized medicine, where "piece by piece" we continue to build a stronger voice. 


The Kankakee County Medical Society is a professional association of physicians that live or practice within Kankakee County, Illinois.

(1)773 284 6131
5551 S Massasoit Ave, Chicago, IL  60638


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